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LMA MAD Nasal™, Needle-Free Intranasal Drug Delivery


Rapidly Effective

  • Atomized nasal medications absorb into blood stream, avoiding first-pass metabolism

  • Atomized nasal medications offer rapid absorption across mucosal membranes to the blood stream into the brain and cerebrospinal fluid via olfactory mucosa to nose-brain pathway

  • Approaches medication levels comparable to injections*

*R Wolfe, D Braude. Intranasal Medication Delivery for Children: A Brief Review and Update. Pediatrics. 2010. ww.pediatrics.org/cgi/doi/10.1542/peds.2010-0616.Accessed 03/12/13.

Reduce Pain and Bleeding
Associated with:

  • Nasal and oral instrumentation 

  • Nasogastric tube placement


Controlled Administration

  • Exact dosing, exact volume

  • Titratable to effect (repeat if needed)

  • Atomizes in any position

  • Atomized particles are optimal size for deposition across broad area of mucosa

Needle-Free for Painless Delivery

  • No needle, no pain

  • No risk of needle stick injury


Minimal Resource Utilization

  • Nasal drug administration is quick, easy

  • No sterile technique required

  • Eliminate IV set-up time

Evidence Based 

  • Extensive literature supports the clinical effectiveness of medications delivered via LMA MAD Nasal™

Atomized Spray Output from LMA MAD Nasal™ 

The LMA MAD Nasal atomizes solutions into a fine mist of particles 30 – 100 microns in size

For use with drugs approved for intranasal delivery

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